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Diversity and Inclusion

26th November 2020 Webmaster 0

Thrupp is a wonderful place and should be open and welcoming to all.

We are committed to creating an environment in which everyone is treated with respect. This includes members of the public, mooring and visiting members, wardens and club officials, contractors and suppliers, our neighbours and local businesses.

Your Club has adopted the CRT’s Equality and Diversity Statement in full. Click here to see it.
We have also written our own Diversity and Equality Statement which will apply to all members and club officers. We’ll be circulating this soon.

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Coronavirus advice from CRT

9th November 2020 Webmaster 0

Boaters who are not currently occupying their boat should not take short overnight breaks or undertake non-essential cruises on their boat during the period.
If you live on your boat please note all navigation in England should be limited to essential use only, moving only a minimal amount to access essential facilities or services when necessary – or to move along to a quieter mooring if you find the towpath too busy for you where you are moored. Boat licence terms & conditions regarding moving every 14 days are suspended for the four-week period.
If you have any coronavirus symptoms or have had a positive test result then you should not use any customer service facilities (CSFs) and, as with anyone, regardless of whether they live on a boat or in a land-based home, you should stay inside and use your support network to provide, while socially distanced, for your essential needs. Please see the ‘Supporting boaters’ article for alternative avenues of support.
For full information see the CRT’s FAQ page.