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CRT invite to south east user forum.

15th July 2019 Mark Paris 0

Canal & River Trust invite all to come have their say and attend South East User Forum – Wednesday 17 July, Oxford
At the Canal & River Trust, we look after over 120 miles of waterways in the London and South East region. As a charity, we’re incredibly proud to do this and work alongside diverse communities every day to ensure the canals can bring amazing benefits to everyone who uses them. Whether it’s tackling plastic pollution, caring for wildlife or making the canals safer and healthier places to be, there’s a lot of work to be done. We want to invite you to our Summer User Forum to meet our teams, hear about our plans and how they might benefit you, your organisation and the people you work on behalf of.
The event begins at 6:30 pm with presentations about our work and ambitions for future, followed by opportunities for questions and group discussion.
Light refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you!

Register to attend:

Date And Time
Wed, 17 July 2019
18:30 – 20:30 BST

Said Business School
Park End Street
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The Great Big Boating Bog Survey

2nd February 2019 Mark Paris 0

Dear fellow Thruppsters
I am hoping that you would like to contribute to the most comprehensive survey of loos on boats ever!  It started with my interest in composting and wanting to find out more about how that’s going but then I realised it would a great opportunity to get a an overview of all matters boating toilets, including other recent innovations like incinerating loos. I then learned about the IWA Gap Tracker project and realised that the survey could add a lot of useful information to that data.
It won’t magically create more facilities but a good response will provide some evidence to support the IWA’s research and campaigning for more. It’s open to all boaters (UK Inland Waterways) and anyone planning to buy/build a boat in the future.
It is carefully designed so that you only get questions relevant to your loo. If you have a cassette or pump out it will take around 15 min, if you have a compost loo a little longer because I wanted to explore how that is all working in more detail, so perhaps 20-25 min.
It’s an entirely personal self funded project, independent of CRT, the EA, any boating organisation and any manufacturer or supplier of any kind of boating toilet.
I do hope you would like to join in – the bigger the response the more interesting and useful the results will be.
Just click on the link at the top.

Thank you very much

Kate Saffin

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Red diesel AWCC press release

28th November 2018 Mark Paris 0

Dear Colleagues,
This might be of interest to you…
Following the ruling by the European Union Court of Justice against the UK’s use of red diesel by private pleasure craft, representatives from the boating community and boating industry – British Marine, the Cruising Association, the Inland Waterways Association and the Royal Yachting Association – met with HMRC officials on Tuesday 20 November to discuss the implications of the Court’s decision and evaluate the UK’s response. The meeting was extremely informative and productive, and the continued support of the UK Government is welcomed. In effect, following the Court’s ruling, the expectation of the European Commission is that the UK must stop allowing the use of red diesel for the purposes of propulsion of a private pleasure craft and must, therefore, switch to white diesel. The UK is required to provide a response to the Commission by 22 December 2018, setting out how it intends to bring the UK into line with the European Directive on fiscal marking of gas oils and kerosene, as well as a timeframe for achieving this. It remains the position of all the boating representative bodies that a change to using white diesel would create insurmountable problems for boat users and the industry. All the boating representative bodies will, therefore, be providing evidence of the practical implications to HMRC officials to inform the UK’s response to the Commission in the hope that we can jointly develop a practical and affordable solution in a realistic timeframe.
Kind regards,