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Welcome to Sarah King our club Administrator

15th September 2021 Webmaster 0

Dear club members, I am sure you I speak for all of you in welcoming Sarah to the pivotal role of club Administrator. She has now taken over from John Shearer who I hope is enjoying his well earned retirement from the role after many years.

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Wide Views request for content

25th January 2021 Webmaster 0

Hello Everyone Sally and I are going to be working on the next edition of Wide Views together, but many miles apart. With Covid19 upsetting everyone’s boating plans things have been very quiet at Thrupp. Things we would love to hear from you about could include: ● Walks from up and down the Oxford canal – do you have any recommendations for walks that can be done from a spot on or near the canal? ● Visits to pubs up and down the Oxford canal – do you have a favourite? ● Rationale behind your boat’s name if you have one?! ● Introduce the pets of the cut! Many of us have dogs, so send a photo and a quick bio of your dog/cat/pet so we know who we are talking to next time we see you at the Wide! ● Wildlife spots – do you have a story about seeing something special or interesting on your travels? ● Previous boating adventures – tell us of something that has happened to you, a place you went too, a particular journey. ● Entertainment – can you come up with a crossword or quiz to share with others? ● Your lockdown stories – have you taken up a new hobby Please send your articles to Deadline is 1st April 2021 Keep safe Sally and Jan

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CRT urgent notice stoppage 7th January 2021

6th January 2021 Webmaster 0

Subject: Water stoppages TOMORROW, 7 January – and other matters
An urgent notice on some upcoming CRT Activities.
1. As some of you will be aware, just before Christmas we had a series of large holes appear along the towpath at Shipton. Temporary repairs have been made but CRT are conducting a survey tomorrow which will include the temporary shutting off of the water supply along the moorings. This will probably be in the period 11am-4pm. Apologies for the short notice, but we have only just been informed.
2. CRT are clearing some of the encroaching reed beds along the canal, starting at Aynho and ending at Aubrey’s Lift Bridge. It looks like they will arrive in the Thrupp area after 20 Jan. The work will involve barges and dredging equipment, and it is possible that navigation will be affected. Moorers at Shipton and the Wide beware! More details at
And of course lengthy works at Duke’s Lock are also about to get going.
Stay safe everyone!
David Gould
on behalf of the TCCC committee

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Diversity and Inclusion

26th November 2020 Webmaster 0

Thrupp is a wonderful place and should be open and welcoming to all.

We are committed to creating an environment in which everyone is treated with respect. This includes members of the public, mooring and visiting members, wardens and club officials, contractors and suppliers, our neighbours and local businesses.

Your Club has adopted the CRT’s Equality and Diversity Statement in full. Click here to see it.
We have also written our own Diversity and Equality Statement which will apply to all members and club officers. We’ll be circulating this soon.

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Coronavirus advice from CRT

9th November 2020 Webmaster 0

Boaters who are not currently occupying their boat should not take short overnight breaks or undertake non-essential cruises on their boat during the period.
If you live on your boat please note all navigation in England should be limited to essential use only, moving only a minimal amount to access essential facilities or services when necessary – or to move along to a quieter mooring if you find the towpath too busy for you where you are moored. Boat licence terms & conditions regarding moving every 14 days are suspended for the four-week period.
If you have any coronavirus symptoms or have had a positive test result then you should not use any customer service facilities (CSFs) and, as with anyone, regardless of whether they live on a boat or in a land-based home, you should stay inside and use your support network to provide, while socially distanced, for your essential needs. Please see the ‘Supporting boaters’ article for alternative avenues of support.
For full information see the CRT’s FAQ page.

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Latest advice regarding Covid 19 and boating from CRT

14th May 2020 Webmaster 0

Coronavirus and boating FAQs

Many of your questions regarding coronavirus and boating are answered on this page, which we are regularly updating. The two main ones are likely to be:

Can I visit my boat?
Yes. With the government announcing a first step in lifting restrictions on outdoor activities, and allowing people to drive to spend time outdoors with members of the same household, the Trust is lifting any remaining restrictions on boat owners visiting their boats, provided you and your boat are in England.
In Wales, separate rules apply that mean you cannot visit your boat. See below for more information.
If your boat is in a privately operated marina or mooring, please check with the operator before travelling, to make sure that they are open.
Can I go out on my boat for a cruise?
From Wednesday 13 May 2020:
You may undertake short boating trips only, avoiding the use of locks and any staff-operated structures if possible, providing that you do not stay away from home overnight and that you return to your home mooring (where you have one). This is based on current government guidance.
From Saturday 23 May:
Mooring exemptions will come to an end and our guidance for continuous cruisers comes back into force. This doesn’t mean that every boat without a home mooring needs to move on this day, just that we’d expect you to move off your current mooring within 14 days (i.e. by 6 June). If you are in a high-risk group, and need to continue to shield or self-isolate, then special arrangements can be agreed with your licence support officer if you haven’t already told us.
From Monday, 1 June:
On this date we anticipate that our navigations will re-open in full, subject to some exceptions, and that you will be able to undertake longer journeys.
According to current government guidance, those who do not liveaboard should not stay on their boat overnight. We will seek further clarification as to whether overnight stays will be permissible once full navigation resumes.
Please bear in mind that it will take time to get the entire network fully operational, and booking for some passages and services will be required. Some sections may be closed for a further period. Our website will be updated with the details closer to the time.
As you start to make use of equipment that may not have been operated for a few weeks, we would ask you to be cautious. We’re getting out to check the network, but if you come across a problem or something that isn’t working, please report it in the normal way. We will respond as quickly as we can, but our response times may be longer than you are used to in more normal circumstances.