Leisure mooring

Dear Club Member

The Thrupp Canal Cruising Club has obligations under the Terms of their site Licence with C&RT and we want to remind Club Members that the moorings at Thrupp are for leisure use only, apart from the appointed residential warden boats. This is documented in our Licence with C&RT and in the Rules of the Club and it is important for us to differentiate between leisure and residential use of a boat as defined by C&RT.


The Committee feels there has been be some misinterpretation about this, especially regarding the ‘Undertaking’ that every Member signs at the bottom of their Club Mooring Agreement stating that: “I certify that I will use any club mooring allocated to me at Thrupp for leisure purposes ONLY and not for residence. (Residence is defined as occupation of a boat for more than 183 days in any 12 month period)”.

The Committee have asked C&RT for guidance on this matter so that we can act in accordance with our Licence. The guidelines that C&RT require us to follow are:

TCCC should ensure that Club Members’ boats on the Club Moorings at Thrupp are for leisure and are not for residential use. The Thrupp site does not have planning permission for residential use.


Boats can be moored on leisure moorings as a home mooring but cannot be used as a primary or sole place of residence.* This requirement precedes the 183 day Club Rule.

The Committee need to ensure that we are following the conditions set for us, within the terms of our C&RT Licence. We want you to continue to use and enjoy your boat as much as you can and hope we have clarified our joint mooring obligations.


Sincerely TCCC Committee


* C&RT General Terms and Conditions for Boat Licences, define ‘Home Mooring’ is a  mooring or other place which will be available throughout the period of the Licence and where we are satisfied that the Boat can reasonably be kept and may lawfully be left when not being used for cruising.


  1. Additional clarification about Canal & River Trust mooring regulations available at www.canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/moorings

or via email: waterside.mooring-enquiries@canalrivertrust.org.uk