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As new members, I am delighted with the new website and our ability to access all the information we need, including the excellent publication of Wide Views.  As such, it dawns on me that we no longer require a printed copy to be sent out.  This will hopefully save club funds on printing and postage.  (I’m not looking for a corresponding discount!)  I’m sure there could be other members who would willing to use the website rather than receive the printed word.

On another issue, I read about the club’s award for the longest travelled boat and wondered what the ‘entry’ terms and conditions are and when entries need to be made.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Andy Morrison



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  1. Hello Andy
    With regard to your request for information about the Club’s Annual Award for the longest travelled boat… it is now in fact The Most Intrepid Journey Trophy. Submission for consideration can be at any time, but judging takes place about a month before the Club’s Annual Dinner and Dance held in November. Any Club Member can send in a description of their exploits for consideration to John Shearer, Club Administrator.

    Regards, John Jago, Chairman TCCC

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