Meet the Wardens

TCCC has seven Security Boats positioned along its moorings to keep an eye on the vicinity. Meet them below:

No1 Wardens – interviews pending.

Now that Flick and Adam Tasker have left the role, No2 Wardens and Mark Paris will be looking after this role until new No1s are appointed.

No 2 Wardens – Ken and Linda Haynes – NB Carpe Diem

kenandlindaHi. We are Ken and Linda Haynes, moored on the wide.




Security Wardens – Jane Rouse and Family – NB Gallifrey

janeWe are Jane, Wilfred and Sylvester.

We live in our lovely big green boat Gallifrey which is moored between the pubs at the Boat Inn end. I’ve been living on boats for 23 years and on Gallifrey for at least 20.

I’ve been Warden since about 2000 and love living in Thrupp and being part of the Thrupp Community. You can often find me sitting on the bench outside my boat and chatting to passers-by.


 Security Warden – Peter Ormerod – NB Lucky

peterHello. I’m Peter, the Warden nearest the Jolly Boatman.

I’ve been living onboard “Lucky” since 2000 and moored at Thrupp since 2003. The boat’s name wasn’t my choice, as she was called “Lucky” when I bought her but to change it would be unlucky in more ways than one – I didn’t want to tempt fate!

The dog in the photograph isn’t mine – she was visiting with the photographer!!

Security Wardens – Mark and Karen Paris (and Stanley) – NB Helene of Troy

markkarenHello we are Mark and Karen Paris on Nb Helene of Troy moored between the Boat Inn and Jolly boatman pub.

We are here to help visitors and club members in any way we can, as well as our warden jobs of security, grass cutting and plant watering.

With over 30 years of boating experience, we can often help people out, as we have probably made the mistake before.

melSecurity Wardens – Mel Jackson and Jan Dytor (and Tigger) – NB Merlin X

Mel has had her boat for 12 years. She has lived on the Thames and used to winter moor at Thrupp. She then had a permanent mooring at Langford lane for 3 years before becoming a warden at Thrupp. Her day time job is working in a garden centre and is always on hand to help with any work that needs doing along the tow path.


tiggerJan has lived on board for the last 3.5 years. She works with the homeless in Oxford. In the summer Jan is a volunteer mooring warden in Oxford and enjoys birding and wildlife.

Tigger is nearly 4 years old and has lived on board since she was 8 weeks old. She likes to welcome walkers and dogs who walk down the tow path. Her favourite game ‘is scatter the ducks’ and is very happy ‘supervising’ at the work parties.


Security Wardens – Steve Rogers (PJ) – NB Carinya

Our new Warden is Steve Rogers on Carinya.