Wide Views request for content

Hello Everyone Sally and I are going to be working on the next edition of Wide Views together, but many miles apart. With Covid19 upsetting everyone’s boating plans things have been very quiet at Thrupp. Things we would love to hear from you about could include: ● Walks from up and down the Oxford canal – do you have any recommendations for walks that can be done from a spot on or near the canal? ● Visits to pubs up and down the Oxford canal – do you have a favourite? ● Rationale behind your boat’s name if you have one?! ● Introduce the pets of the cut! Many of us have dogs, so send a photo and a quick bio of your dog/cat/pet so we know who we are talking to next time we see you at the Wide! ● Wildlife spots – do you have a story about seeing something special or interesting on your travels? ● Previous boating adventures – tell us of something that has happened to you, a place you went too, a particular journey. ● Entertainment – can you come up with a crossword or quiz to share with others? ● Your lockdown stories – have you taken up a new hobby Please send your articles to editor@thruppccc.co.uk Deadline is 1st April 2021 Keep safe Sally and Jan